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Experience the ease of professional lawn care with our hassle-free Lawn Advocate  Program.

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We are committed to achieving 100% Client Satisfaction

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Why My Green Crew

Effective communication leads to great results

We assign you a unique Lawn Care Advocate, your main point of contact.


You will only need to communicate with your Lawn Care Advocate and Field Technician, and you can be confident that they will become familiar with you and your property from the start. 


This ensures you won't have to deal with unfamiliar people who may not know your situation.

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Transform your lawn into a source of pride, not stress.

Maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn requires dedicated effort, attention, and consistency. Every property is unique, and every homeowner has different needs and preferences; we take the time to listen to your concerns before proposing a plan.


Whether your lawn requires a complete makeover or regular upkeep, we have the expertise and solutions to help.

Explore our FAQ section to learn more about our solution-oriented lawn care services.

Pricing,   5000 sq/ft lawn.

Our annual plan includes a Free Soil Test and Sulfur Soil Amendment. 

♻️ Core Care Plan
     —Annual Plan

Take the hassle out of lawn care with our top-notch lawn fertilizing and weed control Core Care Plan.®  We guarantee your satisfaction.  Plan Price...  $519.00 Eight-application Program. —5000 sq/ft Lawn ​✓ Free Lawn Assessment ​✓ Free Soil Test ​✓ Free Sulphur Soil Amendment ​✓ Aeration ​✓ Fertilizer and Nutrition ​✓ Weed Control Plan Price $ 750.00 Soil Test -$ 75.00 Sulfur Soil Amendment -$ 75.00 Price After Savings $ 600.00

No-questions asked cancellation policy.

Aeration, Dethaching, Soil Amendments, etc.

Properly aerated lawns are more resistant to disease and pests, are easier to maintain, and have a greener, healthier appearance. A la Carte Price List 5000 sq/ft Lawn ✓ Aeration. $ 120.00 ✓ Power Rake $ 360.00 ✓ Seeding. $ 75.00 ✓ Soil Test. $ 120.00 ✓ Sulfur Amendment $ 360.00 ✓ Seeding. $ 75.00 Neglecting aeration is one of the most common mistakes homeowners make. Aeration, along with overseeding, is a critical task that is essential for achieving a healthy-looking lawn.



Learn about the free assessment and what to expect. 

For optimal results, we recommend conducting a personal property inspection with you to understand your desired lawn appearance and usage. We will identify past and present weed and pest issues during the inspection and do a complimentary pH soil reading to assess its quality. —We suggest conducting a more in-depth soil test to have a thorough report; this will allow us to create a personalized lawn care plan proposal for your property.

When is the best time to aerate my lawn in Texas? 

Choose the appropriate time to aerate your lawn in San Antonio and Austin by considering your grass's current condition, type, and local weather patterns. Aerate cool-season grasses, such as fescue and bluegrass, during spring or fall. Aerate warm-season grasses, such as Bermuda and Zoysia, during their growing season, typically in late spring or early summer. Avoid aerating during the summer when the temperature is high to avoid stressing the lawn and impeding recovery. Fall is an ideal time to aerate your lawn in San Antonio and Austin due to its milder temperature and increased chances of rainfall. Get personalized recommendations by consulting with a local lawn care professional based on the unique conditions of your lawn.

When to fertilize a lawn in Texas? 

A detailed fertilizer schedule for a lawn in San Antonio, Texas, would involve multiple applications throughout the year, tailored to the specific type of grass and the time of year. Here is a general schedule as a starting point: Spring: Early Spring (March-April): Conduct a soil test to determine the soil's pH and nutrient levels. Use the results to adjust the fertilizer schedule as needed. Late Spring (May-June): Apply a slow-release fertilizer high in phosphorous and potassium to promote root development in warm-season grasses such as Bermuda and Zoysia. These grasses typically go into a growth spurt this time of the year, so it is crucial to provide them with the necessary nutrients. Summer: Early Summer (July): Depending on the soil test results and the lawn condition, apply a maintenance fertilizer to keep the lawn healthy. Late Summer (August-September): It's a good idea to give another maintenance fertilizer application; this will keep the lawn healthy during the hot summer months and help them prepare for the coming fall. Fall: Early Fall (October-November): Apply a slow-release fertilizer high in nitrogen to promote healthy growth in cool-season grasses such as fescue and bluegrass. Late Fall (December): An optional fertilizer application can help the lawn recover from any stress caused by the hot summer months and prepare for the winter. It's important to note that this schedule is a general guideline and can be adjusted depending on the specific needs of your lawn as determined by a soil test. It's also essential to always follow the instructions on the fertilizer package and to water your lawn after fertilizing to help the fertilizer reach the roots. Maximize the potential of your lawn in San Antonio by consulting with a professional lawn care service or horticulturist to create a custom fertilizer schedule that fits your soil and grass type.

Fertilizing & Weed Control

Lawn Aerations & Renovations

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