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Suburban Homes

Effortless Property Care for SFR Investors: Discover Personalized  Lawn and Exterior Maintenance.

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We focus on the Salt Lake City market and provide customized solutions and dedicated support for your properties. We aim to ensure timely and personalized results that alleviate the stress of rushed decision-making.


B2B Oriented

Increasing Property Value: Enhanced Curb Appeal, Enjoyable Space, Effortless Maintenance, and Long-Term Savings.


Market Experts

We Are a Local Company, Conveniently Located and Specialized in the Landscape of This Area.


Optimized Quality Controls

Proactive Landscape Monitoring for Cost Reduction and Quality Maintenance

Streamlined Solutions for Hassle-Free Property Care

Experience hassle-free property care with our B2B process designed for SFR investors. Our dependable lawn maintenance services, dedicated teams, efficient scheduling, and streamlined coordination ensure reliable service, freeing you to focus on your property goals.

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